The Back Up Power Pack is a two-part device, not only a powerful LED torch but also with the battery capabilities to charge your Hydrocell Portable Washer (or anything else) using a 12V power socket to fire up.


Simply connect your Hydrocell's 12V car charger lead into the Power Pack handle's 12V socket to power up your Hydrocell (compatible with 15L and 17L lead Hydrocell Washers).


The Back Up Power Pack has 9 powerful LED lights handy for high-powered light, whilst outdoors or on the job. Its sealed lead acid cell battery charges up quickly and can hold charge for months while not in use.


*15L Hydrocell Washer displayed above picture is not included in your Power Pack purchase, example of use only. The 12V connector cord is included with your Washer but NOT with your Power Pack puchase however is also available to purchase seperately. Power Packs are currently available in orange colour only.

Back Up Power Pack

    • 15L and 17L lead (Tradie) units only
  • Orange