What is the PSI/pressure of the Hydrocell Washer units?

The pressure can vary from 43.5 to 130.5 PSI as you adjust the nozzle according to your washing preferences. This pressure, in layman's terms, is similar to that of a fixed garden hose. Perfect for cleaning the family pet or the salt from your boat while on the go, or when giving an air conditioner a deep but gentle clean on site.

How long until I recieve my order?

We are based in Melbourne's Western Suburbs. We post out all orders ASAP. As a guide, we aim for orders placed before 11.00am AEDT to be posted out same day and anything 11.01am or after will be posted the following day. We predominantly post via TNT Couriers.

What sort of running time can I expect from my Hydrocell's battery?

Appox 30mins running time on a fully charged battery.

Can I charge my Hydrocell Washer on the inbuilt 12V car charger?

Hmmm, yes... you could - but we wouldn't recommend it! Your 12V car charger is designed to use while your unit is running. Here's why; Your standard wall charger is 240V and can charge your battery from flat to full in 30mins max. Understandably, the humble 12V car charger is much slower. If you'd like to do this though, you sure can, just know you will need your car engine on/ideally running to get a decent charge so if you had a 2+hr drive ahead of you, you're all set.

Can I run detergents through my Hydrocell tank?

No! Detergents in the tank will rot the seals and void your warranty. However, it's not all doom and gloom - check out our 'Spare Parts' section of the website and you'll find our Detergent Gun, compatible with all Hydrocell Washers and made specifically for getting detergent where you need it.

How much water will I need for a clean?

This is of course variable, depending on what you're cleaning and the pressure setting you're using, however as a guide - on average you will consume 1.5L water per minute.

Can I use the wall charger as a continuous power source while operating the Hydrocell Washer?

Our Hydrocell Washers are designed to be portable so unfortunately no, you can not use them while plugged in to the wall. You can however, use the 12V car charger as a continuous power source while the Hydrocell unit is in use.