The *NEW* HydroLith is one of our two 17 Litre Pressure Washers. It's been upgrade to Tradie-standard, meaning they're both as tough as guts. Our toughest washers. They're now both blue in colour and almost all their fittings* are alloy or brass in the case of their the nozzles. The HydroLith has a lithium battery meaning it's very light and will work its guts off for 30mins until it can work no more without losing stamina. There are reinforcements internally which means he can take the rough and tumble of the work site.


[The Tradie is HydroLith's twin brother, running on a lead battery, so he's a little heavier and while he'll still work non-stop for 30mins, he'll give you a bit of warning at the end of the battery life, signalling it's time for you to wrap up your job before recharging.]


HydroLith has the same psi as our other washers, the 'gentle but tough' 43.5-130.5psi pressure (equivalent to that of a garden hose nozzle's range), with the portable water tank meaning you can take it with a full tank on the road with you and as soon as you jump out of your car you can wash down your bike, dog or boat instantly. It's reinforced internally with stronger guts and thicker casting than some of our other washers, and alloy fittings externally as well as a metal nozzle. HydroLith is portable, and you can use your shoulder strap to carry him about. Stow your accessories in the built-in stretchy carry basket and off you go.


The HydroLith can be used while running off your 12V cigarette lighter power socket in your running car, or connected to our Back Up Power Pack** via the 12V port in built into its handle. It can also be charged when not in use via the supplied wall charger.


Free delivery on all orders, Australia wide.


* Hose connectors are plastic
** Back Up Power Pack sold seperately

HydroLith (17L Lithium Hydrocell Washer)

SKU: GFS-CL1 (17L Lithium)
$515.00 Regular Price
$419.00Sale Price
    • Weight 7kg (empty tank)
    • 17 Litre water tank
    • 6 Mitre hose
    • External Power Cigarette Lighter
    • Volts: 12V-15V(DC)
    • Lithium Battery: 15V 2400mAh
    • Charger: AC 100-240V
    • Power: 75W
    • Water Flow: 2.51/m
    • Size: 422mm High x 390mm Wide x 250mm Deep
    • 17L Water Tank
    • Twist-off base
    • 6M Hose with 2x hose connectors & velcro straps
    • Alloy fittings
    • 3M Lithium wall charger 
    • Removable shoulder strap
    • Plastic Nozzle with brass fittings
    • Spare O-Rings
    • Instruction Manual
    • 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug (built-in storage hatch)