The Hydrocell 20 Litre Pressure Washer, or Hydro20 as we affectionately refer to him as, is our biggest Washer. 


Hydro20 has the same psi as our other washers, the 'gentle but tough' 43.5-130.5psi pressure (equivalent to that of a garden hose nozzle's range), with the portable water tank meaning you can take it with a full tank on the road with you and as soon as you jump out of your car you can wash down your bike, dog or boat instantly. 


It's equipped with a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium battery which provides up to 30 minutes of continuous flow with 2.4 amp-hour capacity. It is totally portable, with draw-handle feature, you just pop up the handle, tip it on it's wheel edge and you can take Hydro20 for a walk. Stow your accessories in the built-in stretchy carry basket.



3in1 Lithium Torch: 3 uses in one!

  1. As the battery/power pack for Hydro20 (20L) Hydrocell Washer, or use the USB port with your personal phone charger to charge your phone while on the go, or the 12V port to power your Hydrocell washer.
    *Phone charger not included

  2. As a piercingly bright, powerful LED torch, with strobe and continuous stream light options.
  3. Use as an independant portable washer, simply attach your (BYO) garden hose to the provided, larger, Garden Hose Connector, and drop open hose end in to your preferred water source (tank, dam, pond etc.). Connect your Hydrocell hose and nozzle to the other end of the Lithium Torch unit, and switch on to spray!


[Torch available as a spare part here]



Not recommended or covered under warranty for commercial use, but if that's what you're after we've still got you covered. Check out our good mate the Tradie - he's equipped with many of the same features, just with tougher, reinforced casting, metal joins and a brass nozzle because he knows that you can be a little rough and tumble on the job. It's like he saw you coming.

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Hydro20 (20L Lithium Hydrocell Washer)

SKU: GFS-CL2 (20L Lithium)
$587.00 Regular Price
$378.00Sale Price
    • Weight 7kg (empty tank)
    • 20 Litre water tank
    • 6 Mitre hose
    • External Power Cigarette Lighter
    • Volts: 12V-15V(DC)
    • Lithium Battery: 15V 2400mAh
    • Charger: AC 100-240V
    • Power: 75W
    • Water Flow: 2.51/m
    • Size: 470mm High x 355mm Wide x 270mm Deep
    • 20L Water Tank
    • Removable torch-battery back
    • 6M Hose with 2x hose connectors & velcro straps
    • 3M Wall charger 
    • Garden hose connector, to connect to external water source
    • Plastic Nozzle
    • Instruction Manual
    • 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug with carry string for torch pack