• 20 Litre Tank (GFS–CL2)

    20 Litre Tank (GFS–CL2)

    Be the first to own the new Hydrocell 20 Litre Pressure Washer equipped with a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium battery. The lithium battery provides up to 30 minutes of continuous flow with 2.4 amp-hour capacity.Totally portable with the brand new draw-bar feature, the 20 Litre Hydrocell has never been lighter and easier to move.
    Free delivery Australia wide ! RRP $419.00

    including GST
  • 17 Litre Tradie Model (GFS-CT)

    17 Litre Tradie Model (GFS-CT)

    The 17 litre Tradie Hydrocell is strong, robust with new fittings, thicker casting, alloy connectors, heavy duty metal nozzle.
    All round the new Tradie Hydrocell is now tough enough to handle whatever. Avail in green only
    Free delivery Australia wide ! RRP $379.00 .

    including GST
  • Metal Spray Wand (HYD-SPRAY)

    Metal Spray Wand (HYD-SPRAY)

    Increase your reach with the new 80cm metal spray wand, for those hard to reach

    Free delivery Australia wide!

    including GST
  • Alloy Outlet Connector (HYD-OCA)

    Alloy Outlet Connector (HYD-OCA)

    New alloy outlet connectors
    (set of 2).

    Free delivery Australia wide!

    including GST
  • Tradie Coffee Set (TPC01)

    Tradie Coffee Set (TPC01)

    Heavy duty 600D carry bag with shoulder strap. Includes stainless steel thermos flask (300ml), 2 stainless coffee mugs, clear plastic sugar container, stainless steel milk container, 2 tea spoons and outside pencil holders
    Free delivery Australia wide!

    including GST
  • Hydro Bag (HYD-BAG)

    Hydro Bag (HYD-BAG)

    Designed in Australia for Split Air Conditioner system technologies
    Alloy concertina frame - light weight
    Heavy duty 1200 Denie water proof materials
    Splash back sheet with adjustable straps and eylets for different split system sizes
    Heavy duty New Zealand made drainage hole and locking nut. Free delivery Aust wide
    including GST
  • 17 Litre Lithium Tank (GFS-CL1)

    17 Litre Lithium Tank (GFS-CL1)

    New updated 17 Litre Hydrocell with Lithium Battery. Lighter, more efficient and more powerful battery. Available in Enviro Green only.

    Free delivery Australia wide!
    RRP $399.00

    including GST
  • 15 Litre Tank (GFS-A1)

    15 Litre Tank (GFS-A1)

    Hydrocell 15 Litre portable pressure washer with a 12V Power Cable can connect to the cigarette socket or onto the seperate Hydrocell Portable Power pack. (GFS-L1)

    Free delivery Australia wide!

    including GST

    Out of stock

  • Collapsible Bucket Set (HCBMCB)

    Collapsible Bucket Set (HCBMCB)

    Collapsible Bucket and microfibre glove set. Ideal for camping, boats, cars, caravans or anyone short on space, the Hydrocell Collapsible bucket set is not only storage savvy but is also a great way to get dirty things cleaner!

    Free delivery Australia wide!

    including GST
  • Lithium Torch (LTOR20)

    Lithium Torch (LTOR20)

    New Lithium Torch to suit 20Litre Lithium Hydrocell washer.
    4.4 AMP Hours
    Have connection to 12V cigarette lighter socket
    Available in Enviro Green

    Free delivery Australia wide!

    including GST


The Hydrocell cleaning range offers a complete solution to cleaning in remote and difficult locations. Our pressure washers have so many applications! They give you the ability to clean on site without a hose, mains power, or even a tap. They are independent little things!

We use Hydrocells for cleaning cars, caravans, dirt bikes, horses, boats, pets, and much more. 

Hydrocell has also gone commercial. The air conditioning technicians around Australia have found the solution to saving time and energy using the Hydrocell units to clean air conditioners. Many industries have found the Hydrocell unit a very helpful tool for cleaning without the need for 240 volt power.