• 12V Pressure Washer 17 Litres Enviro Green

    17 Litre Tank (GFS-C1)

    Hydrocell 17 Litre pressure washer with built in battery pack. Totally Portable & ideal for remote cleaning, it comes with a 12V connection. Colours Available Enviro Green.

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    including GST
  • 12V Pressure Washer 15 Litres

    15 Litre Tank (GFS-A1)

    Hydrocell 15 Litre portable pressure washer with a 12V Power Cable can connect to the cigarette socket or onto the seperate Hydrocell Portable Power pack. (GFS-L1)

    Free delivery Australia wide!

    including GST
  • 15L Collapsible Bucket Set

    Collapsible Bucket Set

    Collapsible Bucket and microfibre glove set. Ideal for camping, boats, cars, caravans or anyone short on space, the Hydrocell Collapsible bucket set is not only storage savvy but is also a great way to get dirty things cleaner!

    Free delivery Australia wide!

    including GST


The Hydrocell cleaning range offers a complete solution to cleaning in remote and difficult locations. Our pressure washers have so many applications! They give you the ability to clean on site without a hose, mains power, or even a tap. They are independent little things!

We use our Hydrocell's for many reasons - cleaning caravans, cars, camping equipment... We've been popular with fishermen wanting to avoid cues at the docks, they just take their washer's along for a sail and then pop their boats on the trailer, a quick hose down with the Hydrocell and hey presto! Salt free! A group of dirt bike riders a little while back took a break from their bikes long enough to test our pressure washers out and have since written rave reviews! We even have a couple of issues of Dirt bike Magazine as proof! Not only that, we've also been a hit with horse owners/riders, some advice from one of our horse loving fans is to pop some warm water in there before heading out for a ride, and a couple of hours later hose down your horse with ease. We love to hear from satisfied customers, please send us an email or give us a bell to share your stories with us!

- Hydrocell